Fundamental and Applied Research Projects funded by the Latvian Council of Science

Current projects

Between Surveillance and Non-Interference of State Authorities: The Practices of Same-Sex Sexual Subcultures in Soviet Latvia, 1954–1991
Burial practices in the landscape: present-day Latvia in the Iron Age (AD 1–1200)
Skills in synergy, crafts in context: an integrated study of eastern Baltic Stone Age technologies
Viking Age in Latvia: an interdisciplinary study

Completed projects

Gender, sex and status in Iron Age Latvia (7th – 12th centuries AD)”

Project “People in a dynamic landscape: tracing the biography of Latvia’s sandy coastal belt
Social transformations in the Bronze Age societies of the Lower Daugava River
War and society in Latvia 1914–1921
Politicization of History: Post-factual Approaches vis-a-vis Latvia – Russia Relations in XX Century, Instrumentalization, Challenges for Democracy, Lessons and Counter-Measures
Rethinking Statelessness: Resistance and Collaboration during the Second World War in Latvia
Subsistence strategies and the first demographic transition at the Lake Lubāns wetland: Abora Late Neolithic settlement case study


Projects in State Research Programmes

Navigating the Latvian History of the 20th–21st Century: Social Morphogenesis, Legacy and Challenges

Interaction between the individual, the society and the state in process of the history of Latvia: conflicting values and formation of shared values during historical turning points (completed)

EU structural fund projects

Completed projects

The impact of burial environmental microbiome on biomolecular archaeology and the ancient tuberculosis research
Paleopathological and molecular genetic studies of anthropological materials obtained from archaeological excavations in a territory of Latvia
Development of folk dress in Latgale in the 19th century
Archaeology, authority & community: cooperation to protect archaeological heritage

Rethinking statelessness: resistance and collaboration during the Soviet and Nazi occupation of Latvia (1940–1953)”
The Live Human Exhibitions in the Territory of Latvia at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries between Science, Entertainment and Homophobia

International projects

Technology transfer in the processing of mineral resources in earlier times (completed)

Commercial projects

Survey and investigation of culture-historical heritage along the Latvian section of the Rail Baltica line (completed)