The Institute of Latvian History regularly organizes local and international conferences. For several years, the Institute of Latvian History has been organizing section meetings within the International Scientific Conference of the University of Latvia. An important annual tradition is to organize the conference "Scientific Readings of Young Historians", which has gained popularity among young historians.

Conferences are also organized within the framework of various projects. For example, the international conference “Individual, Society, and Power at the Turning Points in the History of the Baltic Region”, organized in the framework of the State Research Programme “Latvian Heritage and Future Challenges for the Country’s Sustainability”, project No. VPP-IZM-2018/1-0018 “Interaction between the individual, the society, and the state in process of the history of Latvia: conflicting values and formation of shared values during historical turning points”, took place on October 14 and 15, 2021.

First day of the conference.
Second day of the conference.