Celebrating the 10th year of the international conference “Scientific Readings of Young Historians”, we invite young researchers (especially from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia) to participate in the readings in order to develop academic skills by presenting their research results. It will also be an opportunity to learn about the research interests of other colleagues, as well as to communicate with like-minded as well as experienced historians. After the conference everyone is invited to submit papers to a peer-reviewed collection of conference papers “The Scholarly Readings of Young Historians X”.

Research topics can be related to the history in the broadest possible contexts: archaeology and pre-history; the auxiliary sciences of history; medieval history; the history of the Modern period (the 16th–19th century: politics, culture, society, ethnography, etc.); the 20th–21st century history (politics, culture, society, economy etc.); art history, musicology etc.

"The Scholarly Readings of Young Historians X" will be held on 28th–29th November 2024 and are organised by the Institute of Latvian History of the University of Latvia (LU LVI) and Valmiera Museum, in co-operation with Vytautas Magnus University in Kaunas, the Lithuanian History Institute and the Institute of History and Archaeology of Tartu University. The conference is supported by the Latvian state research program, the project “Navigating the Latvian History of the 20th–21st Century: Social Morphogenesis, Legacy and Challenges” (No. VPP-IZM-Vēsture-2023/1-0003) .

Participation in the conference is free of charge. The conference will take place only onsite in Valmiera Museum. Upon individual arrangement with partner institutions, the organisers will consider covering the accommodation costs in Valmiera for students from Lithuania and Estonia.


Requirements for potential conference participants:

  • BA degree;
  • Clearly formulated research object and its quality and relevance to the science of history;
  • The paper must be the author’s original, scientific research that has not been presented at another conference.

The applications will be evaluated by a scholarly commission compiled by the LU LVI, which reserves the right to reject the application if:

1) The proposed presentation topic does not match the goals and theme of the conference;

2) The application form is received after the stipulated deadline;

3) The application form is filled out incorrectly.

The participants are required to apply by 1st of October 2024 by filling out the form at valmierasmuzejs.lv.

For further questions, please call + 371 64207635 or e-mail alberts.rokpelnis@valmierasnovads.lv.