In archaeology, landscape is seen as constituted in the intersection of cultural, social and environmental dynamics, as both the medium and the outcome of human activity. In this view, the placement of burial areas, too, is the result of choices made by individuals in a society with regard to the landscape, thus creating a specific mortuary landscape. The conference session will focus on three main issues related to the mortuary landscape:

  • significance of landscape elements and their role in the placement and mutual arrangement of burial sites;
  • the interaction between burial sites’ internal structure and landscape elements;
  • mortuary landscape’s influence on later development of territory.

The section is organised within a frame of the Latvian Council of Science Fundamental and Applied Research Project “Burial practices in the landscape: present-day Latvia in the Iron Age (AD 1–1200)” (lzp-2021/1-0163).

The conference section will be held in Riga, Kalpaka blvd. 4. The working language will be Latvian and English.

Please submit your proposal to the conference by March 15 by filling the registration form.

The collection of theses of the conference will be published in electronic format and placed in the repository of the University of Latvia. Submission of the thesis (up to 1500 characters) by April 1, 2024.