The Institute of Latvian History, together with the Daugavpils University, is planning to implement a scientific summer school “Current approaches and modern technologies in the historiography and source research of Latvian history and cultural heritage.”

The event will be held at the Institute of Latvian History in Riga and in Daugavpils University from June 26 to July 4, 2023.

Foreign students of master's and doctoral study programs, as well as academic staff, could apply for participation in the summer school and receive a Latvian state scholarship. The amount of the scholarship is 1,000 EUR, it is intended to cover the expenses of participating in the summer school (accommodation, meals, provision of learning materials and cultural events).

The school has 5 thematic blocks:

1) Collections of historical sources: conservation issues and research opportunities

2) Archiving

3) Study of historical sources: methodological approaches and methods

4) Historiographic research practices

 5) Issues of preservation and research of cultural heritage

Students completing the course will receive a certificate of attendance (9 ECTS).

To apply for participation in the summer school and to receive a scholarship, it is necessary, by 01.04.2023. to send an application (name and surname, citizenship, place of residence, place of work/study, position held, research topic), curriculum vitae and motivation letter to


List of countries whose students, academic staff can apply for a scholarship:

1. Austria

2. Azerbaijan

3. Belgium (Federation Wallonia - Brussels)

4. Bulgaria

5. Croatia

6. Cyprus

7. Egypt

8. Finland

9. France

10. Georgia

11. Israel

12. Italy

13. Kazakhstan

14. Kyrgyzstan

15. Turkmenistan

16. Mexico

17. Moldova

18. Mongolia

19. Peru

20. Poland

21. South Korea

22. Spain

23. Czech Republic

24. Denmark

25. Estonia

26. Germany

27. Greece

28. Hungary

29. Iceland

30. Indonesia

31. Japan

32. Lithuania

33. Norway

34. Slovakia

35. Sweden

36. Switzerland

37. The United States of America

38. Tajikistan

39. The People's Republic of China

40. Turkey

41. Ukraine

42. Uzbekistan

43. Vietnam